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Healing Your Skin with Sea Urchin Oil


Get Healthy, Fresh Skin with Gamat Oil

Gamat oil is packed with natural healing properties from real sea cucumbers.
The ointment has been used for over 500 years in Malaysia as a natural remedy for healing skin and topical issues, especially for post-childbirth mothers.
With the help of vitamins, minerals, collagen, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to nourish and strengthen your immunity, providing anti-aging effects by retaining skin moisture.


Benefits of Sea Cucumber Oil


Gamat oil’s collagen, chondroitin, and minerals can help aid the healing of skin conditions such as abrasion wounds, acne, and burn scars.


How to Use Sea Cucumber Oil

Despite the limited contents of the small bottle, it can be used for daily moisturization and lasts over a month.

Cuts and Abrasion Wounds

With the healing properties of gamat oil, your wounds may heal faster, with little scarring. Wash your over your wounds to disinfect the area. Then, shake the bottle and dress around and on the wound. Apply a gauze or equivalent to cover the wound. Apply daily if needed.

Moisturizing and Daily Use

Daily use is recommended due to its regenerative and rejuvenating properties. Using it on your skin daily provides you with fresh, stronger skin. As it is an oil product, the recommended use is applying after your lotion. For people with sunlight sensitive skin, recommended use is after your night care.

  1. Wash your face, and apply your lotion.
  2. Shake the bottle, and apply the gamat oil on facial cotton.
  3. Apply the oil on your skin with the cotton, especially on affected areas.
  4. After 15 minutes, remove the cotton and moisturize.


Sea cucumber oil is especially recommended for sunburn treatment! Apply a generous amount, and make sure to cool your skin down.


  1. Ingredients are 100% natural. However, if you are concerned, please test it on yourself with a patch test.
  2. It has a fragrance similar to herbal medicine. The smell goes away after a while, so please rest assured.
  3. The contents are oil-based (coconut oil suspension). In cold environments, the contents may solidify. If this occurs, please place the bottle under warm water to liquidize the contents.

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Gamat Moisturizers


Soft, Firm Skin with Sea Cucumber Hand Moisturizers

The enhanced consistency of gamat hand moisturizers spreads like butter.
Easy to apply, with zero effort!
The size is also small and light for your convenience to use as daily care for your whole body, whenever you want.


Safe for Babies and Children

Just like sea cucumber oil, it is effective for moisturizing, wounds, breakouts, and rough skin.
It is a natural product with zero synthetic additives.
It’s a common remedy for children and babies in Malaysia with diaper rash.

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Gamat Soap


Amazing Regenerative Properties of Gamat Soap

Sea cucumber soap has gained popularity even in Japan. It has the same amazing properties of sea cucumber extracts found in the oil and moisturisers.
If you’ve been using synthetic soaps until now and your skin doesn’t feel right, try Gamat Soap.
Avoid synthetic soaps and use Gamat Soap today!


Effects of Gamat Soap

  1. Increased, faster wound healing
  2. Active against acne
  3. Plenty of natural ingredients for a moisturized, healthy, and beautiful skin!

Refreshing Microfoam

The rich foam produced by Gamat Soap is smooth and purifying. Despite its deep cleansing effects, this soap doesn’t leave your skin dry, but maintains its natural moisture. It brings out the natural glow your body is meant to have, and keeps your skin looking fresh and glowing.

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