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.. may be an abstract concept with distinct features and meanings throughout different cultures around the world.
Beautiful Skin
.. resembles one of the most essential ideals that are universal for everyone.
Ayurvedic soaps have a long history of medicinal properties which have pursued the ideal skin for health and beauty. It’s benefits resonate with many who swear by them.


Origins of Ayurveda – India and Sri Lanka

Ayurvreda has been historically used for over 5,000 years in the native cultures of India and Sri Lanka.
In 1970, it was recognized as one of the world’s three major medical practices by the World Health Organization.
The term “Ayurvreda” stems from the ancient Sanskrit language, meaning the combination of “knowledge/science” and “life/longevity”.
It is a school of thought that not only pursues medicine, but also emphasizes balance, wisdom and pursues a healthy state of mind and body, thus a better life.
Ayurveda focuses on three elemental bodily humors, the doshas: Vata(Wind), Pitta(Fire) and Kapha(Water).

Each and every person has a difference in their balance, and depending on the predominance of each aspect, it may lead to good health, while imbalance may bring about disease.


Made with Pure Herbs & Oils

Ayurveda soap is created with the balance of its principles in mind.
It’s main feature boasts that it contains 100% vegetable ingredients and oils.
Upon contact with water, it easily emulsifies for easy use.
After use, simply place it on a soap tray and let it dry poperly.
It has a strong herbal scent, such as sandalwood which leaves the room smelling fresh from lovely herbs.
Long term usage is recommended, as your skin feels better after each time.
The smooth feeling after use is almost addictive.


Washing Your Face with Ayurveda Soap

To effectively bring out the power of its herbs and oils, here’s how we recommend to use it.
1. First, create a thick foam with the soap using a net or likewise.
2. Next, apply the soap onto your face for five minutes, then rinse.
We’d like to introduce to you some of our recommended products.


CHANDRIKA Ayurveda Soap

CHANDRIKA comes to you in a classic green packaged box
It contains sandalwood, coconut oil, patchouli oil, ginger, and lemon – herbs and essential oils concocted with the Ayurveda principal in mind.
Since 1940, they have introduced to the world the benefits of the Ayurvedic principles and received much positive feedback.
From the first time you take a bath, you will notice the amazing smooth quality of your skin.
It will rejuvenate your skin regardless of your skin type.
Many users who love this product even use it to wash their hair.
The Chandrika Company also has showed continuous support to their community through aiding hospital and schools.
Recommended for: oily skin, dry skin, mixed skin, skin problems.
Scent: Smells of relaxing incense
Foaming: Excellent
Weight: 75g
Hypoallergenic, colouring used. Fragrance uses natural essential oils.
The Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap with higher sandalwood content is also popular!



Also known as Doctor Soap, the Medimix Ayurvedic Soap may cure many of your topical concerns.
The relaxing feeling of your skin after using may leave you captivated.
We recommend Medimix Ayurvedic Soap to first time ayurvedic soap users. It is better catered towards users who are sensitive to strong scents.
It’s a great way to treat acne, providing skin glow, and fixing dry skin – while smelling absolutely fantastic!
Medimix 18 Herbs Ayurvedic Soap



Infused with Ayurvedic herbs, thie Kayakalp Ayurvedic Bath Soap from India boasts its 23 herbs recipe.
Embodied in its name; Kaya meaning “Body” and Kalp meaning “Eternal youth”, the company has brought to the public their amazing products since 1983.
The combination of the herbs benefits users by treating acne, moisturizing and preventing ageing.
Other properties include deodorizing, whitening skin, and providing a cool sensation perfect for warmer climates.
It carries a light, beautiful scent perfect for your bath time.

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