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Firm, shining skin,
Glistening, youthful
And glows that is firm to the touch.
That is the symbol of good health.

The soap you use comes into contact with your skin every day is an important step to achieving amazing skin. Choosing the right soap could tremendously affect your skin.


Consulting with Your Skin

There is no one true answer when it comes to picking the right soap for your skin.
No single soap is necessarily best for every individual.
Your skin type, physical condition, lifestyle changes, and seasons may affect your skin in different ways.
Various factors combine to create the wellness of your own skin, and the best soap for you may also change.
Let’s listen and consult our skin.
First let us consider
● The condition of your skin after your shower/bath times.
● The condition of your skin after 1 or 2 weeks of using the same soap.
Once you try different varieties of soap, you may find the one that suits you best.
You can also select based on what smells you prefer.


Soap with Moisturizing Agents are Recommended for Dry Skin

If you’re concerned about dry, flaky skin, you may be using a soap that includes too many detergents and emulsifying agents.
We recommend you try out soaps which includes greater moisturizing agents.

Recommended Soaps

Shaari SABUN GAMAT Sea Cucumber Soap
BURAT WANGI Coconut Soap
MEDIMIX Tumeric and Argan oil Ayurvedic Soap
MEDIMIX Natural Glycerine Ayurvedic Soap
AZIAL Double Sesame Soap


Additive-Free, Non-Synthetic is Recommended for Sensitive Skin

If you’re worried about certain chemical compounds that may be irritating to your skin, we recommend additive-free soap.
As they do not include any synthetic chemicals, these are simple, all-natural ingredient soaps.

Recommended Soaps

BURAT WANGI Coconut Soap
AZIAL Natural Soap
RAYAMANEE Mangosteen Natural Soap
RAYAMANEE Noni Natural Soap
RAYAMANEE Lemongrass Natural Soap
RAYAMANEE Rose Natural Soap
RAYAMANEE Bamboo Chacoal Natural Soap
RAYAMANEE Jasmine Natural Soap
RAYAMANEE Butterfly Pea Natural Soap


Herb-Infused Soaps and Ayurvedic Soaps to Fight Infections

To fight off acne, pimples and infections, we recommend stronger soaps infused with the powers of herbs.

Recommended Soaps

Shaari SABUN GAMAT Sea Cucumber Soap
CHANDRIKA Ayourvedic Soap
SYNAA Ayurvedic Soap (35g)
KAYAKALP (Herb & Coconuts) Ayurvedic Bath Soap
KRISHNA THULASI Holy Basil Herbal Soap
MEDIMIX 18-Herbs Ayurvedic Soap
ABHAIBHUBEJHR Thai Turmeric Soap
ABHAIBHUBEJHR Indian Mulberry Soap
RAYAMANEE Bamboo Charcoal Natural Soap


Soaps For Skin Brightening

Antioxidant-containing mangosteen and papaya soaps and skin-regenerative sea cucumber gamat soaps are recommended to get your skin looking bright and healthy.

Recommended Soaps

Shaari SABUN GAMAT Sea Cucumber Soap
AZIAL Double Sesame, Papaya, Rice Bran
ABHAIBHUBEJHR Thai Turmeric Soap
RAYAMANEE Mangosteen Natural Soap
ABHAIBHUBEJHR Mangosteeen Peel Soap


Herbal Disinfectant Soaps to Fight Body Odor

Deodorizing, disinfectant soaps with natural ingredients are recommended to sterilize your body and get rid any odor.

Recommended Soaps

MEDIMIX 18-HERB Ayurvedic Soap
HANDRIKA Ayurvedic Soap
SYNAA Ayurvedic Soap (35g)
KAYAKALP (Herb & Coconuts) Ayurvedic Bath Soap
KRISHNA THULASI Herbal Ayurvedic Soap
MEDIMIX Sandal Ayurveddic Soap


How to Use Soap Properly

  1. Lather onto your hands. It’s important to make plenty of foam. Preferably, use a net, scrub or a sponge.
  2. Gently cleanse your body.
  3. Rinse off all the soap, and make sure not to leave any stains.

Proper Soap Storage

Glycerin and oil-based soaps tend to melt easily.
As such, if not stored at a proper spot to dry, it’s structural integrity may be compromised.
Try not to leave soaps by the shower or any place where it may be constantly exposed to water when not in use.

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